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Read what one of my favorite economists has to say about the California Housing Market. It looks very similar to last year with declining sales and slower rates of appreciation. Leslie Appleton Young has her finger on the pulse! She is VP Chief Economist at the California…
This article explains the many government assistance programs that provide help with down payments for all types of borrowers.
A top-notch credit score can open a lot of doors. With it, you can get access to the best loans at the lowest rates and most favorable terms, which can save you a lot of money. You are more likely to be approved for credit. And you can get approved for the most rewarding…
California is on the verge of having statewide rent control.Assembly Bill 1482—which will bar landlords from hiking rents more than 5 percent, plus local inflation, in one year—was approved this afternoon in the state Assembly on a 46-22 vote. Inflation varies…

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